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released October 9, 2012



all rights reserved


FULL TANG Boston, Massachusetts

FULL TANG is a psychedelic world-rock band. Their sound fuses African and Latin American grooves with fuzz rock and roll, creating a high-energy show and unparalleled dance parties for growing crowds since 2009. This first full-length release is a collection of songs showing the quartet's varied genre influences as well as the proficiency of its members as multi-instrumentalists. ... more

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Track Name: Itchy Back Jack
You've always been a friend of mine
And you say I'm your friend too
You know that you can call me
If there's something I can do

Itchy Back Jack, I will scratch you
Expecting nothing in return
Itchy Back Jack, I will scratch
You know my nails will never fail

Sometimes I leave you lonely
But only when I have to
Please believe that I will return
Because that is what friends do

He's alright (yea yea yea yea)
I'm alright (yea yea yea yea)
We're alright (yea yea yea yea)
Track Name: Purple Sky
I was living in my dreams
Getting hard to wake to the same things
Needed something different to phase me
Like a purple sky or a strong drink

Maybe I should go crazy
Kinda seems like that would be lazy
Give me something strong just to numb me
Take me back to where I was sleeping

Am I dreaming?
This is is seeming like it is real
I can't tell
Will you wake me?
Shake me baby I need to feel
Something else
Please please save me. Get me
Get me out of here
Wake up
I need a change here
Track Name: Pre/Post
A pre becomes a post
Opposed to what he's supposed to know the most
A pre becomes a post
Opposed to what he knows is most overused
Track Name: In The Air
I got no feet but I feel the ground
Got no 'chute but I'm on a cloud
Got no reason to hear a sound when I'm in the air

I got no face but I have a name
Got no reason to feel ashamed
They're all the same when I'm on a plane and I'm in the air

I see no way but I don't feel scared
Had no reason to be prepared
Got no cares when I'm in the air, and I'm in the air