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Recorded at Club 39 in Sudbury, MA
May 22, 2010
Engineer - Bill Smith


released July 1, 2010

Eric Lane - keyboards, saxophone, scrapie, vocals
Adam Clark - bass, talking drum, vocals
Ryan Dugre - guitar, vocals
Danilo Henriquez - drums, bongos, vocals



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FULL TANG Boston, Massachusetts

FULL TANG is a psychedelic world-rock band. Their sound fuses African and Latin American grooves with fuzz rock and roll, creating a high-energy show and unparalleled dance parties for growing crowds since 2009. This first full-length release is a collection of songs showing the quartet's varied genre influences as well as the proficiency of its members as multi-instrumentalists. ... more

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Track Name: Get That
If you want to feel the vibrations out then you gotta get your body moving to sound thats how be in the now

If its pride and self that you care about then you better tap into your brothers and sisters pal be outward bound

Drop your thoughts for actions that speak aloud get into the rhythm understanding will come about thats real to shout
Track Name: Good Show
When it all evaporates
You'll be left standing in the nude
With nothing left to do but count on each other
You better find yourself a lover

Or it might just all explode
Wouldn't that be a good show
Everything man-made up in a cloud of smoke
You might think this is a joke
But I'd buy tickets to that
Would you go with me there

When there's nothing left to buy
Thats when the truth comes out
Everything is gonna be all right
But for now we better go out
I want to go dancing

Everything is getting too fast
I can't tell the future from the past
Better make this one last
Cause I think it's gonna be a big blast
Track Name: Sleepy Time
As soon as I'm in the door, I go to sleep
I wanted to be with you, but it's just me
I can't be sure if it's you, whose in my dream
I'll make it up to you, when I wake Mary
Track Name: Horse
I partake in guilty pleasures
I don't try to hide with desperate measures
I simply do what I do
I engage when I'm making a move
In an intentional attitude
But this really depends on my mood

High is time for fun and leisure
Let's just throw it out, yeah lets burn treasure
It isn't mine anyway
I don't know what it feels like to pay
When it starts to get real I delay
I'm left without something to say

You used to get me high
Now all I do is think about it
Maybe I was in the wrong
But it was the best times that I have had
I feel like I could die anytime
But right now I want to think

Kicked in the head by a horse
I was finding I'm not just a corpse
I was feeling a powerful force
Things was not what they was just before